Full Moon Natives is proud to present the 6th Annual

Purple Cow Festival

Saturday ~ November 21, 2015
10:00am - 4:00pm

Hi, I'm a Purple Cow

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~ FREE ~ Family Fun ~ FREE ~ Seminars ~ FREE ~ Workshops~ FREE ~
Free Seminars
Create a Butterfly Sanctuary in Your Yard by Kevin Bagwell
Renown Energy Medicine Practictioner, Wes Burwell How Light Therapy Can Benefit Your Health
Holiday Gifts from Your Garden, by Marvette Bagwell
Natural Remedies for Your Home & Garden by Marvette and Kevin
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing & Guided Meditation by Lori Phelan
3:45 Devotional Chant with Priscilla Sabljak of Peaceful Blessings Community Kirtan, NSB
~ ~ ~ Workshops under the Big Tent~ ~ ~
Equine Photopuncture Demonstration (Acupuncture w/Lights) by Olde Florida Equine Systems
Make your own Herb Vinegar with Linda Johnson BYOB and you can create your own custom blend, please bring a clear, narrow neck bottle with a cork
Improve Your Pet's Quality of Life by Ashley McDaniel, CPT
Soap Felting Workshop with Ernestine, South Mountain Girls Soaps
~ ~ ~ Full Moon New Energy Spa~ ~ ~

We have some exciting news....
Renowned energy medicine practitioner ,Wes Burwell, will be coming from Ontario to speak on how light therapy can greatly benefit your health and improve vitality.

Wes is a master of both energy medicine and bio-feedback and this is an amazing opportunity to be able to hear him speak, to ask questions and to also experience first hand the healing benefits of light therapy


In The Nursery

Planting a Dish Garden by Carla McDougal... select your herbs and we'll dig in the dirt and plant your dish garden for you in Purple Cow Pots!

Living Christmas Trees - we will have a selection of native trees suitable for decorating your home during the holiday season with the added bonus of enjoying their beauty year-round in your yard. The birds will appreciate starting their New Year's off with another habitat. Not only does it help our wildlife but it reduces unnecessary waste in our landfills.

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Special Appearances

Wes Burwell is owner of Awakenings Wellness Centre, London, Canada. Wes is a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Holistic Health Practitioner; he deals with stress management and has helped numerous clients return to health and healing. He has mastered all types of energy medicine and their beneficial effects on the human energy system and anatomy. He has mastered many applications of Energy Medicine including electro-acupuncture, infra-red therapies, ionic detoxification, homeopathy, nutrition, exercise programs, detoxification protocols based on homo-toxicology Ayurveda, crystal therapy, Reiki therapy, reflexology, intent work EFT techniques, Samadhi meditation, low-level lasers and now LED light therapy. Wes is our guest speaker and will spend the day at Purple Cow to answer your questions.

Gina and her feathered friends from Wild About Birds, Inc will be joining us for Birds of Prey Encounters - how cool is that!!! You'll get to meet Katie, an American Kestrel, Mr Frodo, an Eastern Screech Owl and Tomahawk, a Red Shouldered Hawk. Gina does amazing work traveling the country spreading the word about the importance of protecting our Wild Florida and all its inhabitants. Gina does rescue work...which is a very special talent dealing with brids of prey. Of course, like any rescue Wild About Birds is funded my your donations.

What are those adorable fluffy creatures? It's the alpacas from Breath of Heaven Alpaca Ranch

Olde Florida Equine Systems will be offering free horseback rides. Stop by and visit - learn more about balancing your horses Energy Points and Meridians.

The wonderful Fiber in the Garden Ladies will be knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting...and more. They love to share their knowledge and well help you get started on a project. They will also have some of their projects on display and possibly some for sale - great gifts!

And of course, John will be stealing the show in the animal area - our adorable mini-donkey who thinks he should get all the attention. You and your family will also get to experience milk goats, chickens, baby piglet and more.

Dad will be home for this event and he'll be signing autographs and doing some bench racing. For those of you who do not know - dad is Marvin Panch, winner of 1961 Daytona 500, 1965 Atlanta Races, 1966 Charlotte World 600 and more.

Local Pawpaw Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society will have gardening books for sale, and you know how much they enjoy talking "the native way of life".

~ Children's Activity Area ~
Nature inspired crafts for kids of all ages. Create your own hydroponic planter,
herb bracelet, and nature snowman.
Butterfly Lifecycle Display by Bunny Jo

~ Local Artisan's Alley~
Frontyard Fruits' Sea Grape Jelly, Alpaca Yarn, Herbal Vinegars, Pottery, Upcycled Ties
Hot Metal Mama Metal Art, South Mountain Girls Soap, Garden Benches, Rain Barrels, Arbors
Local Honey, Wool Felted Meditation and Yoga Mats and more

Plan on spending the day with Full Moon Natives
1737 Fern Park Dr, Port Orange, FL click here for directions or call 386.295.5500
Look for the Purple Cow!!
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